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Pachamama Latin Band

A principal performer of the Pachamama Latin Band is Cuban singer and musician Felix "Fito” Reinoso.

At a very young age, Fito began playing tres guitar and bass in the streets of Candelaria in the province of Pinar Del Rio, joining The Orquesta Gloria de Cuba at the tender age of 12.

For over a decade Fito has called the San Francisco Bay Area his home, where he is the only Cuban-born based sonero in the area performing a variety of styles, from urban Havana grooves to timba to son and cha-cha-cha, with a voice reminiscent of the late and beloved Beny Moré.

As well as being a talented sonero, Fito is also an accomplished singer-songwriter, playing with Cuban legends such as Carlos "Patato" Valdez and Israel Lopez "Cachao", among many others.

Fito is joined by Cuban percussionists and Sukay for a memorable evening of Buena Vista style music.

Cuban Dancers are available to tour with the Pachamama Latin Band.