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With deep sounding pipes, haunting flutes and fast-paced rhythms played on a guitar-like instrument made from the shell of an armadillo, Sukay has been bringing the culture of the Andes Mountains to audiences the world over for the past three decades.

Sukay group photoLike an orchestra, Sukay draws from a broad palette of diverse sounds: the deep, sharp, airy blasts of the medieval-sounding toyos (pan pipes with graduated tubes up to 5 feet long); the high, vocal inflections of the kena (notched flute), the shimmering ring of the charango (a mandolin-like instrument made from an armadillo shell), and the resonant tones and muted percussive drive of the classical guitar.

Founded in 1975 by executive director Quentin Howard (pan-pipes, flutes, and lead vocals), Sukay is directed by Bolivian composer Eddy Navia, one of the greatest master exponents of the charango. Eddy has recorded eight solo albums and was a founding member of the famous group Savia Andina who have recorded 30 albums, three of which went gold.

Savia Andina was a major force in bringing Andean folk music into the mainstream, even hitting the Top 40 charts in South America.

The Grammy nominated group has toured extensively throughout the United States, Canada and South America, appearing at such venues as Carnegie Hall, The Smithsonian Institute and Lincoln Center, and are accompanied in performance by the South American CARNAVAL FOLKLORICO dance troupe.